Shankhachur Lahiri - Shankh

      Shankh Lahiri  is the Founder and Director of Shruti Foundation Shruti School of Music - a fast growing Music organization in Florida that promotes the rich Art of Indian Classical Music as well as Cultural and Intercultural Music through its ongoing Classes, Concerts and Workshops. 

        As a multi talented Tabla artist, Singer, Teacher and Composer, Shankh has gained his honorable reputation in Music from a busy schedule of performing with seasoned Senior Artists around the world as well as many new, young Contemporary Artists.

        With strong traditional Indian Classical Music training and wide performing experiences in World Music, he has achieved a deep understanding of  Cultural Music and gained a reputation as a highly creative and innovative concert performer in both Classical and World  Music genres. 

         In addition to his regular touring as an International Tabla Artist and Director of his Music Organizations, Shankh also performs regularly with his World Fusion band 'WAHH'.

"Only from The Heart can you touch the sky" ...Rumi